Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your items authentic?

  • Yes, we do not sell bootleg items.

2. Until when can I pay for the downpayment of a pre-ordered item?

  • On or before the pre order deadline indicated in the post.
  • For pre-orders, your slot will not be confirmed unless you settled the minimum amount indicated on the product page

3. Can I still order an item even if the pre-order period is closed?

  • It depends if slots are still available. Please send us a message on our social media accounts.

4. When should I settle my balances for a pre-ordered item?

  • 1 month before the ETA or before the item arrives. We will send out notices if the pre-ordered item is about to arrive at our warehouse.

  • If ever the item arrives and balances are still not settled, you have 15 days from the date the item arrives to settle and claim your order.

5. Will the downpayment be deducted from the remaining amount of the item?

  • Yes.

6. Are downpayment/s refundable and/or transferrable?

  • Downpayments from cancelled or dropped orders are NOT refundable and/or transferrable.

  • Downpayments will only be refunded/transferred IF the item ordered has been canceled by our suppliers.

7. Until when can I claim my pre-ordered item after it arrives?

  • Pre-ordered items should be claimed within 15 days after it arrives. 

8. What if I still have a remaining balance for the item once it arrives?

  • You have 15 days after arrival to settle AND claim your order.

  • Unclaimed and unsettled orders after 15 days will be automatically cancelled and downpayments will not be refunded/transferred.

9. What mode of payments do you accept?

BDO Gcash
BPI LBC/Cebuana

Unionbank (via Swiftpay)

PayPal (+5%)


 Credit Card

Payment details will be shown upon checkout.

10. What are your shipping options?

  • LBC
  • GogoXpress
  • Shipping fee is not yet included in the item price posted.
  • Shipping usually takes 3-5 working days after shipout

11. What are your delivery options?

  • GRAB Express
  • Grab Express, Lalamove deliveries are only for customers within Metromanila. Provincial customer may use LBC or GogoXpress.
  • Delivery fee will be shouldered by the buyer. Schedule of delivery is approximately 1 day after payment confirmation for the item (weekend and holidays are not included).
  • Delivery fee will be paid to the rider.

11. Do you accept COD/Cash on Delivery?

  • For now, COD option is only available on our shopee page.

12. Do you have meetups?

  • Due to Covid-19, meetups are not available until further notice

13. Do you have a physical shop?

  • None, for now.

14. The box of the item I ordered is dented, can I still have it changed/refunded?

  • No. We do not replace items with box damage. We receive items from our suppliers as is.

  • If damage incurred during shipping, we will not be liable for damages made by the courier.

15. The figure I ordered has defects (paint defect, deformed figure, etc.), Can I have it changed?

  • Please send us a message together with photos of the defect and we will forward to our suppliers for possible replacement.

  • Defected model kits will not be replaced. We receive those from our suppliers as is.

  • GSC items can directly e-mail Good Smile for possible replacement.

  • Only defected items reported within 24 hours of receiving shall be accommodated. 

16. Why has my order not arrive yet even after the ETA?

  • If your order has not yet arrived by the ETA indicated, this could have caused by several reasons such as: manufacturing delay, change in release date, and shipping delays. Please be assured that we are keeping an eye on the status of delayed orders, and will update you once we get more details.

17. Will I reserve the item if I only add it to cart and not checkout?

  • No. 

18. I placed an order, how many days do I have to pay for the item I ordered (for example, my payment method is bank deposit or money remittance)?

  • Customer has 3 days to pay for the item ordered (for Onhand items and Pre-order items that are tagged with "Until slots are full"). And ON/BEFORE the deadline indicated for Pre-Order items with dated deadlines.

  • Failure to send payment will have your order AUTOMATICALLY CANCELED.

19. Can I pay for just the downpayment for items labeled with "Until Slots are Full"?

  • Yes. Do not worry if you see the full amount upon checkout. We will record all payments made for your order.

20. I'm not sure which shipping method to choose.

  • Send us a message and we will recommend you the best option for shipping.

21. I have multiple orders, can I have them shipped together to save up on shipping?

  • Yes you can! As long as you've fully paid the item/s that arrived first, we can keep those for you until all your orders have arrived.

22. Why is my order cancelled?

 Cut in order allocation or Item has been cancelled by the manufacturer themselves.

This usually happens for pre-order items with "LIMITED" indicated on their product name.

This may also apply to other regular items that are not limited.

Refund will be issued for this reason

Failed to pay the remaining balance for pre-ordered item after 15 days of receiving arrival notice.

We send follow-ups 3 times. If you need a bit of extension to pay, please acknowledge our follow ups and inform us of the reason and date you can pay.

No refunds for downpayments made prior.

Failed to pay required minimum downpayment
Pre-Order: min. amount and payment deadline is indicated in the product description

Onhand/Instock: DP is 50% of the indicated price and should be paid within 3 days from the date you placed your order.
Being disrespectful/rude and/or using degrading/insulting words.

Always be respectful when you send your follow ups or inquiries and please be polite when you encounter manufacturing issues with your order.